The 4Seal Liner

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The 4Seal Liner is designed for use in a socket with a distal expulsion valve and provides excellent suspension by means of its four integral seals.

The Easy Glide surface and flexible nature of the seals make it simple to roll on and negates the need for any lubricant when donning the socket.

The Umbrellan fabric contained within the silicone as part of the liner matrix, provides both increased durability and pain-relieving effect from phantom limb pain, phantom limb sensation and idiopathic residual limb pain.


nysida4 Medi 4Seal Comfort Sleeve
These knitted sleeves are available in sizes 26-50cm, for
use where a proximal reduction in residual limb volume
occurs, or to provide increased comfort around the socket
The non slip TPE bands on the distal edge hold the sleeve
in place when donning the prosthesis, but should always be
positioned above the top seal of the liner..

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Order Information TFS
Size        Part Number Description
26.5 cm NM891726    medi 4Seal TFS
28 cm    NM891728    medi 4Seal TFS
30 cm    NM891730    medi 4Seal TFS
32 cm    NM891732    medi 4Seal TFS
34 cm    NM891734    medi 4Seal TFS
36 cm    NM891736    medi 4Seal TFS
38 cm    NM891738    medi 4Seal TFS
40 cm    NM891740    medi 4Seal TFS
45 cm    NM891745    medi 4Seal TFS
50 cm    NM891750    medi 4Seal TFS

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Order Information TFC
Size         Part Number Description
25 cm     NM891825     medi 4Seal TFC
26,5 cm  NM891826     medi 4Seal TFC
28 cm     NM891828     medi 4Seal TFC
30 cm     NM891830     medi 4Seal TFC
32 cm     NM891832     medi 4Seal TFC
34 cm     NM891834     medi 4Seal TFC
36 cm     NM891836     medi 4Seal TFC
38 cm     NM891838     medi 4Seal TFC
40 cm     NM891840     medi 4Seal TFC


ERIMEDs artikelnummer:

Size              Part Nr         Description
26-32 cm   N1880006  Comfort Sleeve - Size S
34-40 cm   N1880007  Comfort Sleeve - Size M
45-50 cm   N1880008  Comfort Sleeve - Size L

Technical Information

Material                      Transparent Silicone
Matrix                          Continuous fabric within the silicone
Length                        40cm
Amputation height    Transfemoral
Items included          Instruction manual, drying stand,
Umbrellan pain relief diary and
pain scale