Dictus Flex provides security and freedom for users with a drop foot

The Dictus band has for many years helped users with a drop foot back to an active life. The band lifts the foot immediately after the toe off, which means that thresholds, carpet edges and cobblestones no longer constitute an obstacle. The user does not have to feel limitations in everyday life and does not have to worry about tripping.

Discreet and convenient aid for all drop foot patients

Dictus Flex is a discreet aid for shoes with laces that is suitable for both children and adults. It contains of a wrist band, a rubber band and an attachment device that is mounted in the shoe. The wrist band is easily fastened around the ankle with velcro and sits comfortably throughout the day. The wrist band is made of genuine leather that becomes more comfortable for each use. The wrist band is connected with the attachment device in the shoe by a rubber band and two integrated velcro plates. The Flex-rubber band gives stability to the foot and can easily be tightened as to the users preference.  When the user walks with the Dictus band, the foot is automatically lifted off by the rubber band.


Benefits of Dictus Flex

  • Dictus Flex gives users with a drop foot a more mobile life, with security and freedom by minimizing the risk of stumbling or falling.
  • Made of genuine leather that last a long time and gets softer by each use.
  • Flex rubberband that can be tightened.
  • Discrete aid that suits most shoes.
  • Available for both adults and children.

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