Dictus Hip provides security and freedom for users with weakness in the leg / legs.

The Dictus band has for many years helped users with a drop foot back to an active life. Dictus Hip complements the Dictus family to help users with difficulty walking due to weakened leg muscles, weakened hip flexors and foot flexors.

The aid for an easier way to walk.


Dictus Hip is suitable for people with weak hip flexors e.g. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which has general weakness in the leg / legs.
Dictus Hip is easily and smoothly adjusted, the orthosis provides direct feedback on results without much adjustment work.
Dictus Hip is available in two variants. Dictus HIP-Knee and Dictus HIP-Foot.
Dictus Hip-Knee consists of a comfortable hip belt and elastic rubber band that is attached to the thigh part.
Dictus HIP-Foot consists of a comfortable hip belt and elastic rubber band with knee straps that are attached to the foot part
The rubber bands assist with hip flexion. The level and pull direction of the assistance can be easily set according to the user’s needs, easy to change flexion, adduction, inward rotation pull direction. If Dictus HIP-Foot is used, the foot inversion can also be corrected
Dictus Hip can be used over ordinary clothes or under loose-fitting clothes. The orthosis can be used on one or both legs it is universal.

Benefits of Dictus Hip

  • Dictus Hip gives strength to the leg in the swing phase and thus a better walk.

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